Flea Prevention Dos and Don’ts

Maximize the effectiveness of your dog's flea treatment.

Once you’ve selected a flea and tick preventive for your dog, use it properly for maximum effectiveness and safety.

DO follow label directions to the letter. Reputable products outline safety concerns.

DON’T assume a dog flea and tick product will work on your cat. The two species have different physiological makeups, and you might harm your cat if you use a product designed for a dog.

DO ask your veterinarian or product manufacturer if you are uncertain about usage of dosage.

DON’T engineer an all-out assault by combining several flea and tick products without consulting your veterinarians first. Some combinations can cancel the effectiveness of others or cause harm to you and your dog.

DO be vigilant in your treatment plan even if you don’t see any more fleas or ticks. Regard these rapidly reproducing pests as constant threats.

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