Flea Fighting Solutions

Which flea preventive for my dog? Use this infographic to help determine what preventive or treatment will work best for you and your furry friend.

While flea infestations are irritating, they can also be a health concern for your dog. Pregnant, nursing, aged or sick dogs, and puppies are especially susceptible to parasite-related illnesses. Fleas can cause skin allergies and anemia, and can transmit tapeworms.

Unfortunately, killing adult fleas doesn’t even cut the population in half. To get things under control, dog owners must target fleas — from eggs to adults. Even if you banish all adult fleas and their eggs, fully formed fleas can hibernate in cocoons for up to 12 months, until vibration, noise, or heat indicates a host is nearby. This explains why fleas sometimes appear in an empty house that has been reoccupied.

Today’s products range from oral medications and easy-to-use spot-ons to collars, sprays, and shampoos. Some products provide immediate relief, killing fleas in 30 minutes; others provide longer-term protection from these parasites.

To get fleas off your dog, out of your house, and out of your yard, use flea and tick products in combination with some common-sense strategies.

Check out our flea fighting infographic to help you and your dog stay flea free!

Fight Fleas Infographic from DogChannel.com

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