Flea Control For Ferrets

What is the best treatment for fleas on ferrets?

Q: I have a white ferret named Baby and also a cat, Tiger Lily. My cat got fleas from the neighbor’s animals, and now both Baby and Tiger Lily have fleas. I was wondering what effectively kills fleas for a ferret and cat? I am scared I might poison Baby by giving her the wrong medication or too much of it.
A: Dogs, cats and ferrets all can share a flea infestation. But they do not all share the same treatment. What might be very safe in dogs can be deadly in cats. We know even less about what medications may be dangerous in ferrets.

A few flea control products are known to be safe in ferrets. You may find a plethora of flea control products in a pet store, but unless the product specifically has been shown to be both safe and effective in ferrets, I would not recommend trying it.

Finding a safe and effective flea control for ferrets seems like it should be a simple problem, but I would play it safe and visit your veterinarian to treat both your cat and ferret.

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