Flat-Headed Cat

Flat-Headed Cat. Via Jim Sanderson/Wikipedia

Prionailurus planiceps

This cat weighs about 10 pounds. As its names suggests, this unique looking cat has a flat head. The flat-headed cat’s teeth are flat and sharp to help it hold onto slippery prey. This cat has closely spaced eyes that give it stereoscopic vision as it swims and dives for food in the water. The flat-headed cat’s webbed back paws aid in catching most of its prey. Its long feet and short ears help it swim in the water as well.

The flat-headed cat lives on the island of Borneo, the Malaysian Peninsula and in southern Thailand. Besides fish, it also eats frogs and crustaceans. This cat loves the water and spends more time in it than the fishing cat. The flat-headed cat’s main threat in the wild is waterway development.

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