‘Flashdance’ Star Jennifer Beals Confronted, Criticized For Leaving Dog In Car

Jennifer Beals insisted that her dog was fine and not at all in distress.

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Jennifer Beals was confronted by a passer-by who was concerned for the actress's dog. Via Global News

Jennifer Beals, an actress who has occasionally been relevant in the decades since she and her off-the-shoulder sweatshirt starred in “Flashdance,” is back in front of the cameras. Or, to be more specific, back in front of a Global News camera, after she was confronted for leaving her dog inside her parked car in a Vancouver neighborhood.

The “German Shepherd-type dog” was left inside Beals’ Ford Escape and at least one bystander felt like the panting dog was in distress. He called the authorities and confronted Beals about it. She appeared unconcerned about the situation, telling the man: “In Dunbar [neighborhood], it’s fine.”

Marcie Moriarty of the British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals wasn’t buying that excuse.

“The sun shines in Dunbar just as much as it shines everywhere else,” she told Global News.

Beals defended herself in a statement to E! News, insisting that it was “a cool 73 degrees” and that the windows on her vehicle were all rolled down.

“I have loved dogs my whole life. They’ve been in my life since the day I was born. Every dog I’ve had has been a rescue.  I would never ever jeopardize an animal’s safety. Ever,” she wrote.

Animal welfare groups and local authorities have been working to raise awareness about the dangers of leaving a dog alone in a parked car during the hot summer months. Recently, Tyrann Mathieu of the Arizona Cardinals was challenged by PETA to see how long he could last sitting in a parked, hot car. See how it went here.

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