Five Ways to Get Your Cats to Love Carriers

New video aims to get your cat to make peace with cat carriers.

The CATalyst Council has released a new video to help cat owners teach their cats to love their cat carriers.
A recent survey by the National Commission on Veterinary Economic Issues (NCVEI)  and Bayer Animal Health found that almost 40% of cat owners consider the thought of taking their cat to the veterinarian stressful. With this video, CATalyst hopes to alleviate some of that stress caused by the sometimes difficult task of getting a cat into a carrier.  
The video features tips and techniques that are quick and easy steps cat owners can take to make the carrier cat-friendly.  

“Nationwide, statistics show that most cats never receive the basic health care they need and deserve,” says Dr. Jane Brunt, executive director of the CATalyst Council. “By producing this video, we hope to show owners that a trip to the veterinarian with their cat doesn’t have to be scary or stressful. Ultimately, this will help cat owners by preventing common health problems or treating them early before they advance to more serious and costly conditions.”  
The short video features five simple steps that show the cat carrier as a great place  for a cat to go. Some steps are as simple as keeping the carrier out at all times so it can become one of the cat’s familiar and favorite places rather than something that gets taken out once or twice a year for a visit to the cat vet. Cats and Carriers: Friends Not Foes is recommended by The Ohio State University Indoor Pet Initiative and has been endorsed by the American Association of Feline  Practitioners. To view the video, click here

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