Five Tips for Managing Dog Hair

DogChannel offers five tips for winning your war on shed coat everywhere.

Tips for Living with Dogs

1. Regularly groom or brush your dog outdoors to remove loose hair. When you return from a walk, run your hand through his fur to limit the hair that ends up in your home. Or, keep a grooming mitt by the door so every time he’s about to enter the house you can give him a quick swipe.

2. A damp cloth or sponge quickly removes pet hair from baseboards and other slick surfaces. On carpet or upholstered furniture, the moisture and rubbing action will cause the hair to pill up into balls, making it easier to remove. Follow up with your vacuum for an ultra-clean house.

3. Keep a lint remover or clothes brush near the dirty-laundry basket so you can easily brush dog hair-flecked clothes, slipcovers, and other fabrics before tossing them into the basket or washing machine. This prevents pet hair from needling its way further into fabrics during the wash.

4. Keep brushes handy in rooms where your dog likes to hang out. Stash a good brush that removes pet hair in a box or drawer in the bedroom and living room. Different types of pet hair removal brushes are available, depending on your furniture’s upholstery.

5. Choose dog-friendly surfaces for furniture and decorations in your home. Flat fabrics and materials, such as leather, don’t collect hair and dirt as easily. Consider hardwood floors for easy cleanup, and forgo materials like fleece that can collect dog hair like a magnet.

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