Five Corgis Top Fido Awards

The dogs won two prizes for their roles in "The Queen.”

And the Oscar – er, the Fido – goes to … Poppy, Anna, Alice, Oliver, and Megan.

The five Corgis won for Best Historical Hounds at the Fido Awards, which bills itself as the first international awards show to recognize “canine cinematic excellence.”

The Corgis won for their performances as Queen Elizabeth II’s dogs in “The Queen.” Helen Mirren, who portrayed the British monarch in the film and won the Academy Award for Best Actress for the role, sent her canine co-stars a congratulatory message from the Los Angeles set of her new movie.

“I know one should avoid acting with animals and children, but these little chaps were a pleasure to work with and deserve all the plaudits for their fine performances,” she said.

The Corgis trumped dogs from the dramas “Moliere” and “Control” to win the award, and also took home the ceremony’s top prize, Best in the World.

An American dog named Travis – also a Corgi – won the Fido for Best Comedy Canine for “Year of the Dog,” co-starring Molly Shannon.

The awards were presented by Oscar-nominated “Chariots of Fire” director Hugh Hudson, James Bond co-star Maryam D’Abo, journalist Carol Thatcher, actor Christopher Biggins, and designer Lulu Guinness.

The Fidos were presented on Sunday at the London Film Festival, which runs until Thursday.

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