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Check out these products introduced and released for freshwater, saltwater and reef aquarium enthusiasts. FishChannel covers a variety of products, from protein skimmers to nano aquariums to large aquariums, aquarium filters, LED lights, lighting systems, heaters, UV sterilizers, fish food, fish supplements, refractometers and pH testers, and everything in between.


Microbe-Lift Immediate Water Cycling Kit

Microbe lift
Microbe-Lift’s Immediate Water Cycling Kit speeds removal of organic waste, adds microbes, increases the rate of organic breakdown, improves filter performance, provides necessary nitrifying bacteria, removes toxic ammonia and nitrite, and is reef-safe. Read More>>


Lifegard Aquatics Intelli-Feed Fish Feeder


Lifegard Aquatics’ Intelli-Feed is a digitally controlled and moisture-proof automatic fish feeder. Designed for external use with salt- or freshwater aquariums, the Intelli-Feed is preprogrammed for two feedings per day with possible settings of up to 12 feedings daily. Read More>>


Jellyfish Art’s Desktop Jellyfish Tank

Jellyfish art

Jellyfish Art’s Desktop Jellyfish Tank is an affordable desktop aquarium for jellyfish. Aquarists receive a voucher with their aquarium, which they use to get jellyfish shipped overnight directly to their door. Read More>>


Hikari’s Jumbo Carnisticks

Hikari’s Jumbo Carnisticks contain the caloric nutrition of a live goldfish and are free of the parasites, bacteria and health issues common with live foods. Read More>>


JW Pet Company’s Fusion Aquarium Maintenance Tools

desktop scrubber

Fusion Aquarium Maintenance Tools from JW Pet Company are stylish aquarium tools with rubber nonslip grips and a curved design to ensure quick and easy cleaning. Read More>>


Hikari Algae Wafers

The originator of a wafer for plecos, Hikari introduces its new and improved Algae Wafer formula. Now with numerous types of algae and a more flavorful nutrient mix, the new Algae Wafers will continue to be the world’s best-selling bottom-feeder diet. Read More>>


 Fluval U Series Aquarium Filters


The silent yet efficient Fluval U series filters work as supplemental or stand-alone filtration. The submersible design allows fishkeepers to create currents and customized water flow patterns within the aquarium. Fluval U also offers three filter output options. Read More>>


Easy Life’s Fluid Filter Medium

Easy Life


Easy Life’s Fluid Filter Medium is a water conditioner with more than 30 beneficial effects, including making water crystal clear, protecting fish slime coats, and reducing and preventing stress. Read More>>


CPR Aquatic’s Sock-It

CPR Aquatics

CPR Aquatic’s Sock-It adds mechanical filtration to any sump system. Sock-It attaches to regular vertical-wall and Euro-braced sumps. It features an extending inlet pipe to reduce noise and splashing, which accepts standard 1-inch fittings, and pipe and hose for easy attachment to the overflow plumbing. Read More>>


Hagen Fluval Spec Aquarium


 Hagen Fluval Spec

Featuring a sophisticated nano design, the Fluval Spec has an integrated filtration system, a clip-on LED light unit and a powerful circulation pump (39.6 gallons per hour) with adjustable flow control and output nozzle. The oversized three-stage filtration is easy to maintain. Read More>>


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