FishChannel Product Reviews: Miscellaneous Aquarium Products

Every product in FishChannel’s product review section has been tested by noted Aquarium Fish International columnist David Lass.

Swordtails. Via Kai Schreiber/Wikipedia

Sera Snail Trap Review Review

Sera Snail Trap

The Sera Snail Trap is the most effective trap for aquatic snails that our reviewer has come across. Read More.

Sicce CO2 Life System Review

Sicce CO2 Life System

The new Sicce CO2 Life System is an excellent, simple-to-use method for adding carbon dioxide to a planted tank.

The Claims

Sicce claims that its new CO2 Life System will encourage luxurious and healthy growth of plants in an aquarium and that the pH can be maintained in the acidic range.

The Test

I ran the Sicce CO2 Life System on a 29-gallon planted tank with new plant substrate that I had been testing before installing the Sicce System. More>>

AquaticLife Press-Fit 0.25-Inch Tubing Parts Kit

AquaticLife Press-Fit 0.25-Inch Tubing Parts Kit

The uses for the 0.25-inch Parts Kit are primarily for routing any kind of liquid from a single source to a tank; the most common uses are for reverse osmosis (RO) water or any kind of dosing system for a marine tank. More>>

Innovative Viewing Systems’ The Portal Review

Innovative Viewing Systems Portal review

The Claims

Innovative Viewing Systems says that The Portal magnifies and allows you to explore your aquarium in a totally new way.

The Tests

I put The Portal on the front pane of a 29-gallon planted aquarium where I am testing some other products. Moree>>

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