FishChannel Product Reviews: Coral and Fragging Products

Every product in FishChannel’s product review section has been tested by noted Aquarium Fish International columnist David Lass.

David A. Lass has been keeping tropical fish since he was 12 years old. He has been involved in most aspects of the aquarium hobby and currently wholesales tropical fish to retail stores in New England. In addition to the fish tanks for his business, David keeps a number of large planted tanks, including a 300 gallon with altum angels, discus, rummynoses and many catfish. David is the product reviewer for Aquarium Fish International and a moderator on the FishChannel forums.


Inland Craft Products DFS-100 Reefkeeper Saw Review

 Inland Frag Saw

The Claims
Inland Craft Products claims that the DFS-100 is the best tool to use for fragging corals and that it is an improvement over its previous model.

The Tests
Since I do not do any coral fragging myself, I turned to friends at two local fish stores with large marine departments and with people associated with the store who frag a lot of corals. More>>

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