FishChannel Product Reviews: Aquarium Supplements and Salts

Every product in FishChannel’s product review section has been tested by noted Aquarium Fish International columnist David Lass

David A. Lass has been keeping tropical fish since he was 12 years old. He has been involved in most aspects of the aquarium hobby and currently wholesales tropical fish to retail stores in New England. In addition to the fish tanks for his business, David keeps a number of large planted tanks, including a 300 gallon with altum angels, discus, rummynoses and many catfish. David is the product reviewer for Aquarium Fish International and a moderator on the FishChannel forums.


Ecological Laboratories/Microbe-Lift Reef Salt Review

Ecological Laboratories Salt

The Claims
Microbe-Lift claims that their Reef Salt is nitrate- and phosphate-free, that it has all necessary trace elements and that it maintains pH and alkalinity.

The Tests
I set up a new 50-gallon marine reef tank using Microbe-Lift Reef Salt. I used a new undergravel filter that I was also testing, a good protein skimmer, marine substrate and an LED lighting system. More>>


Microbe-Lift KH Bio-Active Booster

KH Bio-Active 

The Claims
Microbe-Lift claims that the KH Bio-Active Booster will maintain KH (carbonate alkalinity). Without sufficient KH, the good bacteria of the nitrogen cycle cannot be maintained, so this is an important parameter for aquariums.

The Test
I tested the KH Bio-Active Booster on four tanks in my wholesale fish room: two 30-gallon breeders and two 40-gallon breeders. Each tank had between 30 and 75 fish. More>>


TLC Products Start Smart Live Bacteria Review

TLC StartSmart

The Claims
TLC claims that StartSmart instantly cycles new aquariums and that you can add fish immediately to a new aquarium after using StartSmart. They further claim that StartSmart will eliminate ammonia and nitrite in new aquariums.

The Test
I filled a 20-gallon high halfway with new water (conditioned to remove chlorine, chloramines and ammonia) and then filled it up with water from an existing aquarium. I set up an air-driven box filter with biological filtration media (some of the small commercially available concretelike pellets) More>>  

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