FishChannel Product Reviews: Aquarium Decor

Every product in FishChannel’s product review section has been tested by noted Aquarium Fish International columnist David Lass.

David A. Lass has been keeping tropical fish since he was 12 years old. He has been involved in most aspects of the aquarium hobby and currently wholesales tropical fish to retail stores in New England. In addition to the fish tanks for his business, David keeps a number of large planted tanks, including a 300 gallon with altum angels, discus, rummynoses and many catfish. David is the product reviewer for Aquarium Fish International and a moderator on the FishChannel forums.


Fish Heads Inc. Real Reef

Fish Heads Real Reef

The Claims
Fish Heads Inc. claims that Real Reef works the same as live rock taken from the wild. It is free of any unwanted hitchhikers in the way of Aiptasia, worms, etc. They also claim that Real Reef has excellent buffering capacity and that it is seeded on its outside with purple coralline algae and inside with bacteria for the nitrogen cycle.

The Test
I set up a new 50-gallon marine reef aquarium and a new 65-gallon FOWLR (fish only with live rock) aquarium. Both aquariums had some sand from an existing marine aquarium, some old rock pieces that had been in a freshwater aquarium and Fish Heads Inc.’s Real Reef. More>>


Archer USA Instant Reef Coral Reef Insert Review

Archer Instant Reef review


The Claims
Archer USA claims that the Instant Reef Coral Reef Insert, which is manufactured from high- quality resin, is safe for all aquarium situations. They say that the product looks realistic and that it is accepted immediately by all saltwater fish as if it were a natural part of their environment.

The Test
In order to test the Instant Reef Coral Reef Insert, I set up a new 50-gallon marine aquarium. More>> 


 H2SHOW Light/Bubble Maker Ornament Review 

Hydor Volcano

Hydor’s only claims for the H2SHOW Light/Bubble Maker Ornament are that it aerates the aquarium and that it is an attractive ornament.

The only “test” for this ornament is that I set it up in a freshwater fish aquarium, looked at it and asked some friends who were in my fish room if they liked it. More>>


Aqualumin Rocks, Seashells and Gravel Review


The Claims
Aqualumin claims that their rocks, gravel and seashells will glow in the dark, are not harmful to fish and have many applications for aquariums.

The Tests
I took a variety of Aqualumin products (two different types of seashells, a couple of rocks and two types of gravel) and put them into two aquariums: a 20 high and a 30 breeder in my wholesale fish room. Lights were on seven hours a day, and after the second day, I snuck down into the fish room late at night. More>>


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