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New Cichlid Species Discovered in Uruguay’s Rio de la Plata River
Gymnogeophagus terrapurpurais a substrate brooder.


New Zealand Aquarium Octopus Has Flown The Coop
Inky escaped more than three months ago, leaving the aquarium through a drain that goes to the ocean.


Whale Shark Does Barrel Roll to Avoid Sea Turtle Off Australia’s Gold Coast
The largest fish in the world is pretty adept in the ocean.


5 New Dwarfgobies Discovered and Described
The gobies are native to waters off Fiji.


ORA Raises 12 Ruby Red Dragonets
While the species has been known to science for a while, it has not yet been fully described.


Beautiful Snakehead Species from India Described
The snakehead is a striking purplish blue in coloration with beautiful white fin colors.


Scientists in Thailand Discover a Waterfall Climbing Cavefish
Cryptotora thamicola can climb up the rocks of waterfalls, is blind and lacks color.


New Pufferfish Species Described
Arothron multilineatus is named after the white lines that course throughout its skin.


Check Out This Video of a Porcupine Fish Entangled in Gill Net Getting Freed
The porcupinefish’s mate waits patiently until freedom comes.


Female Cichlid Grows Testicles and Self Reproduces
In what is considered a first, the cichlid fertilized her own eggs and produced four offspring.


Corydoras Catfish Discovered in the 1990s Finally Described
Corydoras eversi is also known as the soda pop cory.


First Ever Captive Bred Yellow Tangs Now in the Hobby
More than 400 yellow tangs were shipped from the Oceanic Institute in Hawaii to mainland suppliers


Ghost-Like Octopus Discovered Off Hawaii May Be New Species
The octopus was found in waters more than 4,000 meters deep.


The Octopus Project: Raising Octopus bimaculoides Hatchlings in Captivity
Raising O. bimaculoides is a challenge, but it proves to be a rewarding experience.


Florida Man Drags Shark to Shore for a Photo Opp.
After the photos were taken, the man with the ridiculous man bun leaves it to another man to drag the shark back into the ocean.


A Primer on Reef Tank Filtration and UV Sterilization
Choosing the right filtration for your reef tank is easy once you clearly identify your needs.