Fish Tank Kings to Premiere May 12, 2012, on Nat Geo WILD

New show to focus on the work of Florida's Living Color Aquariums.

A new show that takes viewers to see some of the most outlandish and functional custom-built aquariums is set to debut May 12, 2012, on Nat Geo WILD. The show, “Fish Tank Kings,” follows the work exploits of Living Color Aquariums, the company that built the aquariums behind home plate at Marlins Stadium in Florida, as its employees design and create custom aquarium installations for people ranging from CEOs to rock stars to movie stars. These aquariums, some 5,000 gallons and up, are apparently the new status symbols for the noveau riche and are keeping companies such as Living Color Aquariums busy.

“The most unique thing about the show is that Fish Tank Kings is a series that shows audiences both the art and science behind creating some of the world’s coolest aquariums, said Francis Yupangco, head marine biologist at Living Color Aquariums. “Our audience will be treated to some very special behind the scenes tours at amazing public aquariums and aquaculture facilities. They will also get to meet some interesting characters who are very passionate about the aquatic world.”

The six-episode series follows the Florida-based company as it builds some fairly complex and extreme aquariums for people, such as former pro basketball player Alonzo Mourning and Indy car driver Ryan Hunter Reay. Stars of the show include Mat Roy, the president of Living Color Aquariums, who oversees all of the company’s projects; Francis Yupangco, head marine biologist, who is responsible for overseeing the construction of each aquarium, as well as the marine species that go into each system; Ben Alia, senior project manager, responsible for the design and fabrication of each custom system; Jose Blanco, production and safety manager; and John Manning, life support system designer, who designs systems for small spaces that keep the animals healthy.

In addition to building out these systems, the team has to ensure that all species in a system are compatible with each other. While most of the show focuses on designing and building custom aquariums, other aspects of the show deal with other issues, such as relocating species that outgrow their aquariums and saving a giant Pacific octopus that suffered from chemicals leaching into its aquarium from a poorly constructed rock feature. Fish Tank Kings premieres Saturday, May 12, 2012, at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Nat Geo WILD.


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