Fish Store Trade

Trading your old live rock to the local fish store can translate into store credit and new critters for your reef tank.

After spending much of Friday and Saturday on the couch in a food-induced coma (Thanksgiving payback!), I woke up Sunday morning determined to do something productive. I finally took out all of the live rock that was covered in hideously ugly (in my opinion) brown mushrooms and brought it to my local fish store, hoping for a trade for store credit. I transported the mushroom rocks in a covered bucket filled with saltwater. As it turned out, the store didn’t want to pay me anything for the mushrooms themselves. I can’t say I was terribly surprised. They did give me credit for the rock itself, though, which weighed in at 10 pounds. Sweet!

After picking out a few interesting-looking pieces of new cured live rock (I dropped them into my saltwater bucket so they stayed submerged for the ride home), I figured I’d let myself peruse the frag tanks. After all, I had store credit, baby! Also, they were having a “buy 2, get 1 free” sale. I ended up with two small zoa frags (one is bright green; the other is pale green with orange centers) and some pretty brown and orange button polyps.

I got the rocks and frags home and spent some time reaquascaping with the new pieces of rock. I love the new look, but I think my royal gramma is ticked off because I inadvertently covered up his old favorite hiding spot. I lifted the softball-shaped, zoa-covered rock to move it elsewhere and the gramma shot out of a long, tubelike hole in the middle of the rock. When I put the rock down in the new aquascape, I must have covered up the hole because now my gramma is hanging out behind my GSP (green star polyp) rock on the other side of the tank (sorry little buddy!).

Oh well, at least the tank looks good!

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