Fish Snorkeling Spot

An incredible snorkeling spot for seeing fish in Hawaii.

Our last snorkeling stop on our Hawaii trip was by far the most incredible. Near Puuhonua O Honaunau (the City of Refuge) on the Big Island, we made our way to a place called Two Step. This is an entry point into a calm bay where you can see an abundance of coral, fish, turtles and dolphins (unfortunately, the dolphins weren’t around the day we were there). It’s called Two Step because an old lava flow leads right to the water, where it creates two natural “steps” allowing you to easily slip into the clear water.

Here, we saw puffers, parrotfish, angelfish, wrasses, triggerfish, boxfish and eels, to name a few.

Heat vents peppered the area, creating pockets of warmth in the cool water. I saw huge schools of yellow tangs and butterflyfish hanging around these vents. I’m not sure if there were attracted by the warm water or something else, but it was most definitely an interesting sight!

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