Fish Food Articles – Freshwater

Flake, freeze dried, liquid, frozen? Pelleted or live? Read our fish food articles to determine what foods are right for your fish.


Fish Food Articles
Checkout these articles on feeding fish.

Jack Dempsey Fry
How do I help my Jack Dempsey fry grow?

Feeding Fish While on Vacation
What’s the best way to feed your fish while you are away on vacation?

Frozen Fish Food Webinar
FishChannel webinar with San Francisco Bay Brand on the benefits of feeding frozen fish food to aquarium fish.

Aquarium Fish Constipation
Keep your aquarium fish free of constipation.

Prepare for New Fish
Be prepared to house your new fish by quarantining and properly cycling the display aquarium.

Fish Fungus and Scale Problems
Fungal infections are often the result of other diseases caused by poor water quality.

Overfeeding Aquarium Fish
Many fishkeepers overfeed their aquarium fish.

Red Worms
Bonus content from the December 2009 AFI magazine column Freshwater Q&A.