First Responder Braves Freezing Cold Water To Save Huskies From Icy Pond

A Connecticut firefighter pulled two Huskies to safety after the dogs wandered away from their home.

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Dakota (front) and Denali are lucky to be alive after falling through the ice. Via Bo Kane/Facebook

A sign in front of Mill Pond in Guilford, Connecticut, says “No Skating,” but Dakota and Denali were unable to read it.

So before the two Huskies knew it, they had wandered onto and fell through the ice-covered water and found themselves being rescued by the Guilford Fire Department, WTNH News 8 reports.

“ … I went to the closest one,” Guilford firefighter David Lindgren told the news station. “Just talking to the dog and you could tell he was just very tired.”

Lindgren got the dogs to a local veterinarian to keep hypothermia from setting in; however, it was hours before first responders found owner, Bo Kane. He said Dakota and Denali, both rescue dogs, busted out of his fenced-in yard before they reportedly traveled some 15 minutes to the pond.

A look at the rescue by Guilford Firefighter David Lindgren. Via WTNH News 8

A look at the rescue by Guilford Firefighter David Lindgren. Via WTNH News 8

Mimi Decker — whose house borders the pond — told News 8 she arrived home Tuesday to see fresh footprints in the snow and broken ice in the middle of the small lake. But firefighters told the station that it was an unknown man who was passing by and heard the animals yelping for help, who called 911.

“These are my two best friends… for the most of the past five years,” Kane told the news reporter. “If the fella, the mystery guy who heard them didn’t hear them, they certainly would have drowned.”

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