First Pooch or Presidential Porker?

Expert says Barney looks a bit pudgy.

Is Barney, President Bush’s first dog, letting stardom go to his … waistline?

The Scottish Terrier may well be one of the most visible presidential pooches ever, as evidenced by his series of popular videos and well-trafficked website. Even his annual holiday productions – complete with A-list stars and top administration officials – have become mini-blockbusters.

CBS News White House correspondent Bill Plante decided to dig a little deeper into the Scottie’s psyche. Enter dog trainer Victoria Shea, who viewed Barney’s latest holiday video, available online at

Her verdict? Barney looks a bit pudgy. Her recommendation was more exercise. “Barney can get a pretty good workout chasing balls,” she told Plante.

But even that can lead to trouble. On the video, Barney is seen chasing after a Christmas ornament rolling across the White House floor.

“That’s a no-no,” said Shea. “As adorable as this is, it’s glass. Not something we want our dogs doing.”

No doubt Barney will take that under advisement.

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