First pictures of two rare bird species

ProAves researches capture first images of ?miling?bird and rare conure

Wildlife researches took the first pictures of two rare bird species, the recurve-billed bushbird (Clytoctantes alixii) and the Perija parakeet (Pyrrhura caeruleiceps.)

The recurve-billed bushbird, whose bill curves to give the impression of a smile, was photographed in Norte de Santander, Colombia by Adriana Tovar and Luis Eduardo Uruena of Fundacion ProAves, an American Bird Conservancy conservation partner. This species remained undetected between 1965 to 2004 because of its small range and the remoteness of its habitats. Recurve-billed bushbirds were recently rediscovered in Venezuela and in a northeastern Colombian region.

Perija parakeets, also known as Todd’s conure, have distinctive blue napes and white breasts. The rare bird species is threatened by disturbance and loss of its habitat, and illegal bird traders. The Perija parakeet population is considered to be between 30 to 50 individual birds. ProAves researches took the photograph in early June 2007.

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