“First Kiss” Parody is Undeniably Cuter than the Original

Jimmy Fallon asks 20 puppies and kittens to kiss for the first time in this adorable video.

If you haven’t at least heard of the “First Kiss” video we can only assume you’ve been on vacation from the internet over the past week. The viral video in which clothing designer Wren, asked strangers to kiss for the first time, has racked up more than 62 million views.

With every popular trend comes equally popular parodies and while we’ve seem a couple that are awkward to say the least, anything with puppies and kittens grabs our attention! 

Jimmy Fallon’s version is a pretty accurate replica of the original, except for the replacement of boring people with adorable animals. We’ve never liked PDA so much: Pets Displaying Affection.

Watch the video:

In case for some reason you’d rather see people kissing, here’s the original:


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