Pet Owners Share The First And Last Photos Taken Of Their Four-Legged Friends

Reddit users are sharing their eternal love for their animals by posting the first and last photos taken of their pets.

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A boy and his dog. Via WeGotVices/Reddit
Chrissa Hardy

The bond between humans and pets is incredibly powerful, and it’s a gut-wrenching moment for a pet owner when their beloved dog or cat’s life comes to an end.

Reddit users have been expressing their experiences with love and loss by posting the first photo taken of their cats and dogs, alongside the very last photo taken before their pet passed away.

A lot of these bonds lasted many years, with the users first meeting their pets as children, and saying goodbye to them as adults. These are formitive years for anyone, and to have the unconditional love of a furry friend through all the ups and downs is what makes even the toughest situations much easier to endure.

Here are some of the most beautiful human-animal bonds you’ve ever seen.

1. “My first and last picture with Mopsy.”

2. “Reddit, my dog passed away yesterday, these are the first and last pics of her.”

3. “I had to put my first dog down last week after 14 years of wonderful companionship, RIP Docker.”

4. “We had to put him down yesterday. This is the first and last picture I ever took of him. I loved him so damn much.”

5. “From the First ‘Hi’ To the Final ‘Goodbye’ the best dog I’ve ever had.”

6. “My cousin had to put down our brain damaged cat last weekend. We loved her from the day she was born even though she was deaf, blind, and had seizures. RIP Indie.”

7. “My dog on one of his first days and on his last.”

8. “Our first and last pictures together. Mortimer, 1991-2010.”

9. “The first and last photos of my best friend.”

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