‘Firehouse Dog’ Could Spur Terrier Adoptions

In response to the release of "Firehouse Dog,” AKC and Irish Terrier Club give advice about the star’s breed.

Due to the release of the family comedy “Firehouse Dog,” which stars an Irish Terrier, the American Kennel Club and Irish Terrier Club of America are reminding moviegoers about the importance of making careful, educated decisions when adopting a Terrier.

“Firehouse Dog,” which was released April 4, is a fictional family comedy about the world’s most famous — and Hollywood’s most pampered — pooch, “Rex,” who’s separated from his owner and ends up a fire station mascot. There, he helps a 12-year-old boy and his father, a veteran fire chief, turn the station into the city’s finest.

The AKC and Irish Terrier Club are reminding potential puppy owners that they should carefully research a breed when buying a dog and should buy only from a reputable source.

To this end, the AKC worked with 20th Century Fox and the Irish Terrier Club of America to create a public service announcement to remind people about the importance of making educated decisions when deciding to add a dog to their home. To view the “Firehouse Dog” PSA, visit the AKC website at: http://www.akc.org/press_center/advertising.cfm.

“People who see the film may think about owning an Irish Terrier. Irish Terriers have a hearty spirit and need plenty of exercise — they probably wouldn’t be a good match for people who have a more sedate lifestyle,” said AKC spokesperson Lisa Peterson.

A few facts to think about considering an Irish Terrier:

  • As puppies, Irish Terriers need a lot of socialization and training to support their upbeat Irish spirit and to become loving, well-mannered family companions.
  • Irish Terriers have a dense and hard coat which requires time-consuming hand stripping at least twice a year.
  • They are smart and often independent, sometimes leading them into mischief.
  • Proper training, patience and a sense of humor are a must.
  • Irish Terriers do best with a fenced yard for proper exercise and to keep them safe. When going for a walk, they should always be leashed.
  • This is a rare breed and may not be easy to acquire. The Irish Kennel Club can help with a search for a responsible breeder.

To learn more about Irish Terriers, the American Kennel Club and responsible dog ownership, visit www.akc.org or the Irish Terrier Club of America at www.ITCA.info.com.

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