Firefighters Struggle To Rescue A Cat Who Does NOT Want To Be Rescued

True to cat form, this little kitty would rather cling to the side of a building for dear life than accept help from a human.

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An attempted cat rescue brought high drama to a Brazilian apartment complex.

Tom Cruise has repeatedly pointed out that he does a lot of his own stunts (or he squints his eyes, flashes his reflective-looking teeth and allows it to be pointed out for him). But regardless of what he might’ve climbed, fallen from or endured for the sake of another Mission: Impossible paycheck, it’s not as impressive as what these firefighters did in their attempts to rescue a cat from the side of a Brazilian apartment building. And not even that can top this cat’s efforts to not be rescued, at least not by those humans.

“Human! Ew, ew, EW!”

A video posted to YouTube on Tuesday by user Andrea Lima captures all the drama that unfolded in the breakfast hours of an otherwise uneventful morning, which could explain why there seems to be a crowd watching this cat evade capture. The intense scene appears to have been recorded by a woman who dramatically shrieks every time the cat moves — fitting, when the animal is trying not to bounce off an air conditioning unit.

“I got this… sorta.”

And juuust when one firefighter thinks that he has the cat, the feline decides “Nope, nope, nope” and free-falls onto a blanket being held by a crew on the ground. Did he hang around to say thank you, to applaud his rescuers’ Ethan Hunt-like efforts? What do you think?

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