Firefighters Save Kitten Stuck On Oregon Bridge

Firefighters rappelled down a bridge to save a kitten after a passerby heard the cat’s meows for help during a walk in the middle of the night.

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"Lucky" the kitten after the late-night ordeal. Via Multnomah County Animal Services/KPTV

Being out and about during the wee hours of the morning can have its benefits — like helping to save a kitten’s life.

An unnamed individual who was walking across the St. Johns Bridge in Portland, Oregon, about 3:15 a.m. Friday heard the meowing cries of a cat below and called 911, reports KPTV FOX12 Oregon.

Firefighters work to free "Lucky." Via KPTV/Portland Fire and Rescue

Firefighters work to free “Lucky.” Via Portland Fire and Rescue/KPTV

Portland Fire and Rescue sent a rope rescue team to the scene. It took about 90 minutes for firefighters to rescue the kitten from a girder that was between eight and 10 feet below the deck of the bridge. The station reports rescuers were able to rappel over the side of the bridge and bring the young cat to safety inside a bag.

How the kitten ended up in such a precarious situation is unknown, but a fire department spokesman said it is unlikely the cat got to the bridge girder on its own.

The cute kitten — who has been unofficially named “Lucky” — was taken to Dove Lewis animal hospital to be treated for a small abrasion on its face and then turned over to Multnomah County Animal Services, which will investigate the incident, KPTV reports.

On the bright side, the kitten may already have a new home. The person who heard the kitten on the bridge now wants to adopt it.

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