See The Incredible Moment Firefighters Save Kittens From A Fire

The kittens were found under a pile of wood when fire crews were overhauling the area.

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Crews rescued four kittens after a fire broke out near a home. Via Turlock Fire Department/YouTube
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In the early morning hours of May 2, a fire posed a threat to a nearby home in Turlock, California. The Turlock Fire Department responded to the call, and crews extinguished the fire before it reached the home. As the firefighters took apart the scene, they discovered kittens underneath a pile of wood rounds.

In a video posted to YouTube by the fire department, a firefighter pulls two newborn kittens out, both of which were covered in foam, but alive and kicking nonetheless.

“Hey, Chief, I found two victims,” he says in the video.

The kittens are subsequently rinsed off with bottled water. A small meow is heard and another firefighter says, “I know it’s cold, buddy. It’s OK. I got to get this foam off of you.”

The crew found two more kittens in the rubble, rinsed them off, dried them and reunited them with their mother, who returned while the crews were cleaning up, the department said in a Facebook post.

As for what happened to the kittens after, “We came to check on them about an hour later and they were gone from the scene. We assume that the mother took them to a safer location,” a representative from the department told

The post also states that firefighters believe the kittens had been living underneath the pile of wood rounds. The cause of the fire has yet to be determined.

Firefighters rescuing kittens? As if we needed another reason to love them.

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