Firefighters Rescue Cat Severely Burned in California Wildfire

A burned kitten was saved from California fires. While getting burns treated, the kitten waits to be claimed by his family.

Last week, with wildfires blazing, Lake County firefighters rescued a black cat from Middletown. Severely burned, firefighters took the cat to Lakeport’s Wasson Memorial Veterinary Clinic for treatment, where he is now being cared for by Dr. Chris Holmes.

The unnamed cat is currently being fed via feeding tube in his stomach, yet continuously offers contented purrs and kitty kisses to his caretakers, who are doing everything they can to see that he recovers.

Although the cat’s eyes look to be in horrible shape, Dr. Holmes and fellow Wasson employees are optimistic that they will be fine, and that the friendly little guy will make a full recovery in the next couple of weeks.

The biggest complication at the moment? Finding the sweet feline’s family. Police and Wasson employees are searching for this one’s owners, but have not had any leads. Dr. Holmes is hopeful that, now that the sheriff is allowing people back into the evacuated areas of town, someone will come forward to claim the brave little kitty. Until then, if you have any information regarding the owners of this cat, contact the Wasson Memorial Veterinary Clinic at (707) 263-5380.

Here’s to hoping this little angel gets the happy ending he deserves!

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