Firefighters Rescue Bird Trapped In Its Cage In England

A parrot became terrified when it got its beak stuck in its cage, but firefighters were there to help.

Here at BirdChannel, we’re pretty vocal about getting the right cage bar sizing for your parrot ?a parrot could get stuck between the bars otherwise. But sometimes even the right cage bar sizing, there can be problems as was the case of Kiwi, a parrot in the United Kingdom, who got its beak stuck in its bird cage.

The owners, who are unnamed, saw Kiwi? distress and quickly dialed 999 (the equivalent to 911 in the United States), Birmingham Mail reports. Firefighters from Oldbury Fire Station responded to the call and Watch Commander Desmond Lloyd was able to pry open the bars of the birdcage to release the parrot? beak, telling Birmingham Mail that he had “fat fingers and managed to bend the bars to let Kiwi pull his head out.?lt;/span>

Kiwi is lucky! When it comes to the proper cage bar size, Chrys Meatyard of Ohio, who has raised budgies and cockatiels for more than 18 years says this in the article, “Bird Cages For Budgies & Cockatiels:” 

“The basic rule of thumb for bar spacing is a size whereby your parrot cannot get its head through.?amp;nbsp;


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