Fired Veterinarian Will Not Face Charges For Shooting Cat With Arrow

A jury ruled that there was not enough evidence to charge Kristen Lindsey with a crime.

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The post Lindsey wrote after killing the cat. Via ABC13 KRTK Houston

Kristen Lindsey, the veterinarian in Texas who was fired after bragging on Facebook about killing a cat with an arrow, will not face animal cruelty charges. Her case was presented to a grand jury on June 24 and Lindsey was given a “No Bill,” which means that the jury considered the case against her but ultimately decided there was not enough evidence to charge her with a crime. Although Lindsey posted a photograph of herself holding the dead cat, she deleted it from Facebook before the authorities could investigate, and a subpoena “failed to produce usable evidence,” according to a statement from the Austin County District Attorney. According to KBTX, the District Attorney’s Office said that there was no way to “prove the cat was killed in a cruel manner, where/when it was killed or to even confirm the identity of the cat.”

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