Finnex 4-gallon Glass Pico Tank Review

A well-designed and well-crafted small aquarium, complete with a light and filter.

The Finnex 4-Gallon Glass Pico Tank is a well-designed and well-crafted small aquarium, complete with a light and filter.

 glass pico tank

The Claims
Finnex claims that its Pico Tank, with its curved glass construction, energy-efficient light and small filter, makes for an excellent tank for a desk or other small space.

The Test
I set up the Finnex 4-Gallon Glass Pico Tank on my desk. I used some black sand from an existing planted tank and filled the tank halfway with water from that tank. I then filled it the rest of the way with new water that was treated for chlorine and chloramines. I planted fairly heavily with a couple of different crypts, some red hygro, water sprite and dwarf swords. For fish, I added eight white clouds, as well as a dwarf underwater frog, some Amano shrimp and a bunch of snails. All in all, I would say that the little tank was pretty heavily populated.

The Results
The Finnex Pico Tank has been set up and running on my desk for four months now. It is doing spectacularly, and I really like it. I was concerned that the 26-watt compact fluorescent light would be too much light for the tank, so I called my contact at Finnex. He said not to worry. He was right. The plants grew like crazy, and there was never any hint of algae. The little filter that comes with the tank is a real workhorse. I had it set at about half throttle, and it kept the tank clean of all dirt and debris. The filter is easy to clean, and it presented no problems at all. All of my tanks are open-topped, so the lack of a cover was not a problem for me.

This is a very nice little tank, and I will miss it on my desk when the next new one I test takes its place. The Finnex 4-Gallon Glass Pico Tank is attractive, especially with its rounded sides. The light is perfect for the tank (I would advise using a lot of live plants), and the filter is ideal for the task. This tank is right up there at the top with other good nano tanks I have tested, and I strongly recommend it for any hobbyist looking to fill a small space with aquatic life

4-Gallon Glass Pico Tank


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