Finding the Right Dog to Adopt

Meeting in person is the best way to choose a new dog.

Q. A few months ago, I lost a dog to a heart murmur. I really want to get another dog, and I was thinking about getting a Beagle, but it’s hard to find one in my area. I’m looking around but I’m afraid without getting to meet the dog first I will be choosing the wrong dog for me. I’m also curious about whether a Mixed Breed might be better than a purebred dog.

A. Please accept my sympathy on the loss of your dog. I think you should consider visiting the local animal shelter. You can take your time and look at all the wonderful dogs that are available for adoption.

Dogs, like people, have their own personalities. There will be adoption counselors at the shelter that will help you select a dog. The benefit of a purebred dog is knowing they possess certain traits inherent in the breed. Unfortunately, there are also diseases and genetic abnormalities that are inherent to specific breeds.

The only way to be sure if you are making the right decision is by meeting each individual dog. You will know when you’ve met the right dog because there will be a bond. Best of luck to you.

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