Finding Puppy Love Online

Web series with all-dog cast pokes fun at reality TV dating shows and celebrities.

Bond, a MaltesePoodle mix, is a bachelor looking for his one true love. That’s the premise of a new Web series called “America’s Next Top Dog: The Princess.”

Prince Lorenzo Borghese, formerly of ABC’s “The Bachelor,” launched the Web series on Aug. 16 to promote the debut of his website,, which sells Borghese’s Royal Treatment line of pet products at discounted prices.

“America’s Next Top Dog: The Princess” pokes fun at reality TV shows and celebrities. On the show, Bond gets to pick his mate from an array of cast members, including Caramel Barkshaw, a New York City columnist; Palin, a pit bull in lipstick; Bella, a moody mutt with a taste for blood; Kimbo, a “real housewife” from Atlanta; Lucy, a club-going former child star; Caroleena, a Collie who wears a vial of blood around her neck; Susan, a homely singing sensation from Ireland; Hoprah, a talk-show queen; Heidi, a narcissistic Chihuahua reality star; and Briana, a pop singer recovering from an abusive relationship.

After each episode, viewers are encouraged to become a member. Members receive free product samples, up to 75 percent off all pet products, special offers and promotions and exclusive bonus footage of “America’s Next Top Dog: The Princess.”

Borghese plans to make a $1 donation to the American Humane Society for every free sample product shipped from Royal Pet Club. In addition, the company has pledged to donate $1 to the North Shore Animal League America for all other orders placed through Aug. 17, 2010.

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