Finding Dog Agility Equipment Is No Obstacle to Fun

Learn where to find dog agility equipment.

Q. I’ve been agility-training my Weimaraner, but at home I use suitcases instead of dog hurdles. I’d like to start using proper adjustable jumps, but I can’t find them in any pet store. In fact, they’ve all said they do not carry any agility equipment. Can you please tell me where I can find these things, and also how I can enter agility competition?

A. The equipment is not available in pet stores because it’s made to precise specifications for size and safety. Many agility clubs build their own equipment, but if you are not a natural carpenter, write to J&J Dog Supplies, P.O. Box 1517, Galesburg, IL 61402, or call (800) 642-2050. It sells a variety of agility equipment, including jumps, tunnels, pause tables and teeter-totters.

To get started in the sport, request the booklet Regulations for Agility Trials from the American Kennel Club. You also can contact the U.S. Dog Agility Association.

Or look up a book on the subject. My favorites include Enjoying Dog Agility – From Backyard to Competition (Doral, $26.50) by Julie Daniels, and Agility Training – The Fun Sport for All Dogs (Howell, $25.95) by Jane Simmons-Moake. Both authors are noted agility trainers and judges.










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