Finding a Show-Dog Trainer

Look through magazines or attend a show to meet handlers who specialize in the breed.

Q. How do you find a good person to train a show dog – particularly an English Bulldog? How would you check out their abilities? Our son raises English Bulldogs and would like to know how and who to pick.

A. There are several professional handlers throughout the country who also happen to breed Bulldogs. Putting a show dog in the hands of one of these experts assures you that the dog will be shown at the proper speed to demonstrate the characteristic rolling gait of the breed, and he’ll be living with someone who knows all the quirks of the breed while your dog is out on the campaign trail.

Look through show-dog magazines and attend a large all-breed show or a regional or national breed specialty to make contact with handlers who specialize in showing Bulldogs. They will give you an honest evaluation of your dog and tell you if they are free to take on your dog and show him for a couple of weekends to see how he does against the competition. Make sure you are clear on the handler’s rates, whether the dog will live with the handler or you will deliver the dog to the handler at ringside, and other important details.

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