Finding a Cat Sitter

CatChannel expert Jeanne Adlon, professional cat sitter, gives advice on selecting someone to care for your cats.

Q: What is your advice on finding a cat sitter?

A: Because a cat sitter is someone you trust to come into your home to care for your cats when you are away, you need to be very confident about who you give your keys to. Always check with your local vet because they generally know if your community has a reliable cat-sitting service. If not, one of the best ways to find a cat sitter is through referrals from friends. That is how the majority of my clients have found me for the last 35 years.

You also can look in the phone book or search the Internet. However you locate a potential cat sitter, there are some steps I suggest you follow:

1. Ask for references, and check them.

2. Meet potential cat sitters in person. Take the time show them your home and see how they interact with you and your cats. In fact, a good cat sitter most likely will suggest this.

3. Trust your instincts. You will be able to tell if the person is responsible and caring even if your cat stays under the bed during the entire meeting.

I made a career out of cat-sitting because I love cats and take the extra time to make sure the cats I work with are well cared for in their owner’s absence. I have heard too many stories of people who thought they left their cats in good hands and returned to find inadequate food, water and an overflowing litterbox.

Ideally, you will be able to tell if your potential sitter is a “cat person.” Also, if you use a service, make sure the person who comes to the house is the one who will be doing the cat-sitting.

In the end, having a regular cat sitter you trust is a wonderful asset to family life with felines. You get to travel, and your cats get to stay in their comfy home and get pampered until you return.

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