Finally Somebody Gets It: Japanese Politician Uses Cat In Campaign

Meanwhile, in Japan…

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We think he must be running on the nap and early-breakfast platform but then again our Japanese is rusty. Via Kotaku
Anastasia Thrift

A white, odd-eyed cat is the compelling face of a regional political campaign in Japan, and this cat feels your pain. *cat bites lower lip, squints eyes and holds polydactyl extra toe on top of closed-paw fist*

Satoshi Shima is running to represent the Mikawa region in Japan’s Aichi Prefecture and using a cat in the posters promoting his election, according to Kotaku. Shima, like other candidates, is plastering the local region with campaign signs but none are as awesome as Shima’s because cats make everything better.

The posters feature the white cat with a determined expression and the tagline that proclaims someone has “returned home.” That could mean Shima or the cat, no one seems to be sure. Not all of Shima’s posters offer a glimpse of the feline; they are a bit of a rare bird, we mean cat. Shima has said of the feline propaganda: “If you find one of my white cat posters, you’ll be happy.”

Well, we are happy right now so that sounds like one campaign promise we can count on.

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