File This Under Things We’ve Considered: Woman Happily Marries Her Cats

After heartbreak, Barbarella Buchner decided to commit to a long-term relationship with her cats and hasn’t looked back.

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Barbarella Buchner loves her spouse-cat Spider. Via Barbarella Buchner/Instagram
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The best spouses are reliable, supportive, affectionate and it doesn’t hurt for them to be attractive, too. You know who else is like that? Cats. Maybe that’s why one woman went ahead and married hers.

Barbarella Buchner had had enough of bad relationships and finally quit them all together when she decided to marry her tabbies Spider and Lugosi 12 years ago, the Mirror reports.

Barbarella Buchner married her cats, Spider and Lugosi. But that was only the start. She has become a “mad cat-lady…

Posted by Catster on Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The website designer and photographer lives with them in Lanzarote in the Canary Islands, and from the look and sound of it is incredibly happy.

“They’re the loves of my life,” she told the U.K. based website. “I have no regrets, and I don’t care what people say.”

The relationship started in 2000, when Barbarella adopted the 8-month-old cats from the same litter at an East London animal shelter. She had a serious boyfriend around that time but after seven years together they went their separate ways.

“It was so painful breaking up with him,” she told the Mirror. “I cried for weeks after we split up, but the cats really helped me through the process. I would cry into Lugosi and Spider’s fur. They were on the sofa with me all the time and I felt calm.”    

The cats helped her get through the difficult breakup and made her wonder whether her real life partner(s) might be right in front of her.

“After my boyfriend left, Spider and Lugosi were still there for me, helping me get through the separation anxiety and feelings of sadness,” she said. “I have loved and lived with a couple of partners before but I realized that my love for my fur babies is so much deeper than anything I have felt for a human.”

In 2004 she decided to make their purely platonic partnership official (and still platonic) and a web search turned up the steps needed to marry her cats. She found, which required a small fee and an adherence to some rules (i.e. “You are not allowed to mistreat your pet in any way.”) then initiated an online ceremony. Barbarella clicked on the words “I do” and the union was bound.

“Marrying Lugosi and Spider was something I had to do, for myself,” she told the Mirror. “… I’ve never been one to care about what other people say or think, especially when it has anything to do with my cats and the unusual relationship I have with them.”

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