Fighting Cancer the Natural Way

A holistic approach can build your dog's immune system and lengthen his life.

Murphy is living proof that diagnosis is not always destiny.    

In 2006, the black Labrador Retriever from New York, was diagnosed with stromal sarcoma. After the tumor was removed from her spleen, the vet gave her three months to live — adding nonchalantly that chemotherapy or radiation would be a waste of time.

Today, more than two years after her owners embarked on a course of treatment that included a special home-cooked diet and a host of supplements ranging from powdered seaweed extract to fish oil, Murphy is alive and kicking.

“Her energy level is fantastic,” says owner John B., noting that Murphy is a two-time cancer survivor — she had had a mast-cell tumor removed before the splenic one was found. “She’s 9½ years old, and she races around like a teenager.”

Want to read the full story? Check out the Natural Dog flipside of DOG FANCY’s 2009 February issue


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