Fight Cat Fur

Cat hair, cat hair everywhere! Find out how to prevent cat fur from accumulating in your apartment.

Do you own a black coat because you have a black cat? Are all your work clothes the color of your calico? When guests visit, do you bring out “special” pillows and blankets? If yes, you are losing the cat fur fight, and you need reinforcements. Of course, you can always buy a leather couch, cover your bed in plastic, and continue to wear natural tones, but before you send up the black-hair-covered white flag, try to some of these strategies to combat the cat fur.

Weapon 1: Diet
Simply adding some essential omega 6 and fatty acids to your cat’s diet can help reduce shedding and (bonus!) your cat’s coat will be softer and healthier. In addition, make sure you have plenty of spots your cat can go and shed to its heart content, like a cat bed, cat tree or even an old blanket. These structures are great at collecting cat fur that would otherwise be on your carpet or bed. Remember to vacuum the cat tree and wash any beds or blankets weekly to remove germs, dirt and, of course, fur.

Weapon 2: Brushing
Do you remember when your mom told you to run a brush through your hair a hundred times every day? Mother was right. Brushing not only removes loose cat hair that will otherwise end up on your coat or couch, but it stimulated the scalp and removes tangles. The FURminator brand of brushes is a great weapon to have when you are battling cat fur. Just be careful to not push against your cat’s skin with any steel comb, to avoid cuts. Even if you don’t have time to brush your cat 100 times, once a day for five minutes will drastically cut down on the loose cat hair.

Weapon 3: Removal
If you have been losing the battle for awhile, you have to get rid of the cat fur that’s already infiltrated. A good vacuum is key. I have tried many vacuums, but my current one works really well it is a Shark No Loss of Suction Navigator Lift Away Upright Vac, and it picks up most of the cat hair my four fur-kids leave behind.

Classic lint rollers are great for clothes and for your tablecloth. Yup, the tablecloth — you know, the one your cats like to sit on while they stalk squirrels through the window or watch you cook dinner? Rather than washing your tablecloth every day or surrendering and using a plastic picnic cloth, try lint rolling. It really works on cat hair. Also, if you don’t already, keep one at your desk at work so you can de-fur at work. They even make purse-sized lint rollers to carry with you.

Weaponry Warning: Baths
One thing the veterinary staff at Whiskers to Tails Cat Clinic in Pasadena, Calif., cautions against is bathing your cat in the hopes of reducing shedding. I was told it can develop skin problems and they will be unable to groom themselves. However, armed with some vitamins, a good de-shedding brush, a vacuum and lint rollers, you should have a good chance at winning the fur fight.

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