Fido’s Firework Fears

Check out these 10 scary things that fireworks sound like to a dog.

Fireworks are a blast – literally! Dogs can hear noises much better than humans can. The deafening roar of rockets bursting in air can be frightening to a dog that doesn’t know what these scary sounds are all about. We’ve come up with the top 10 scary things fireworks might sound like to your dog.

1. The end of the world
2. Alien-cat invasion
3. The world’s largest hairdryer coming to groom them
4. Giant revenge seeking toy
5. The dog food container being shut with a nail gun
6. A trip to the vet
7. Thousands of tennis balls – popping
8. Their favorite tree being bulldozed
9. A parade of vacuums
10. Explosion of all dog food factories (see end of the world)

Now that we’ve had our Fourth of July fun – click here for important tips for helping your dog overcome these fears and stay safe this holiday.

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