Fiancée Courts Wolf-in-Laws in New Show

Before walking down the aisle, Helel Jeffs walks into the wild.

Animal Planet’s new show, Mr. and Mrs. Wolf premieres in October, starring wolf expert Shaun Ellis who is best known for embedding in a pack of wolves and living the lupine life, including eating and sleeping with the wild animals. “Mr. and Mrs. Wolf” explores what happens when you throw love, in the form of Ellis’s fiancée, Helen Jeffs, into the mix.

In his attempt to join his two loves in life, Ellis invited Jeffs to live with him and his wolf pack “family.” She alters her appearance, diet, and hygiene habits to fit in with her future animal in-laws, learning how to live extremely close to wild animals, and even to regurgitate her food to feed the pack members.

By broadcasting these efforts, Ellis and Jeffs wish to promote a greater human understanding of wolves.

For more information, visit Animal Planet’s website.

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