Ferrets Magazine Editor’s Note: Welcome To Ferrets Magazine Online!

The new website for Ferrets Magazine Online is revealed.

I’m happy to unveil the new website for Ferrets Magazine online. Our entire team has worked to bring you an informative, fun, easy-to-navigate website that is a go-to source for ferret information.

To give you some idea of what to expect, the first week of every month all departments and columns scheduled for that month will be updated. In subsequent weeks, a new article will get posted. (As a bonus for our launch this month, all exclusive ferret articles are posting in the first week.) The news section will be updated with ferret-related news weekly and the calendar of ferret events will be updated as information becomes available. The Vet Q&A and Ferret Q&A columns run every month, as does the Ferrets’ Product Spotlight, but all other columns are bimonthly. What this means is that something new and exciting will be available to check out every week on the site!

I hope you’ll have fun exploring the new Ferrets Magazine online website. There’s a lot of fun and educational all-things-ferret to see. Enter to win the product in the Product Spotlight column; leave a comment about an article you read; ask a question of our ferret experts; Karen Rosenthal, DVM, DABVP, for medical concerns and Ailigh Vanderbush for any non-medical ferret questions; vote on the Picture Perfect contest entries; check out the websites of our advertisers to learn more about their products or services.

Don’t miss out on the Club Critter section. By joining this free club you can earn points toward prizes, connect with other ferret owners, create a website for your ferret and more!

Our forums are another must-see spot. If you participated in the Ferrets Forum in the past you can use the same user name and password as before, you’ll just need to update the URL because the forums have moved here. Your login for the forums will also work for Club Critter.

One of the best features of FerretsMagazine.com is its ability to create a database of knowledge for future reference. You can come back any time to search for an article you read before or catch up on those you might’ve missed.

I hope you have fun exploring and enjoy what you find. Please let us know what you think of Ferrets Magazine online. Click here>> to give us your comments.

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