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The latest Ferrets Magazine Gift Guide is bursting with gift ideas for your ferret, your ferret-owning friends and even yourself. Check it out, and try not to drool over your keyboard! Click images to enlarge.

FerretTrax Silver Jewelry

Ferret Trax Silver Jewelry
FerretTrax offers limited edition, high-quality, individually handcrafted sterling silver jewelry for ferret lovers. Designed and created by Peg Francisco, silversmith and ferret mom, each piece shows the whimsy, character and uniqueness of ferrets.

Item shown is titled “The Look” and measures approximately 1¼ by 1 inches; it is available as a pin, loop bracelet or necklace (comes with 18-inch sterling silver chain). Many other items are also available.

Super Pet Habitat Defined for Ferrets, XLT

Super Pet Habitat Defined For Ferrets
Super Pet® Habitat Defined™ for Ferrets, XLT offers elite living and simply the best habitat for ferrets! Habitat Defined Homes come complete with Super Protect™ Antimicrobial Technology built into all interior surfaces, providing a cleaner and healthier habitat environment (proper cleaning procedures must be followed). Habitat Defined Homes have no corners to trap mess and a deep base for less mess. Plus, the full-opening, top door allows for instant interaction with pets!


Marshall Pack N Go
Marshall Pet Products new Pack-N-Go allows you to carry your ferret wherever you go! There is a pocket underneath for carrying water bottles, treats, food and any supplies you might need along the way. The four vents provide extra air flow and the zipper top helps to keep your pet safe but easily accessible. Available in blue/gray.

Jeanne Carley’s Ferret Calendar 2009

Jeanne Carley's Ferret Calendar 2009Jeanne Carley's Ferret Calendar 2009
Jeanne Carley’s latest ferret calendar puts ferrets in scenes from popular movies. Can you guess which movies inspired each photo? This wall calendar measures 12 by 12 inches and includes a 12 by 24 inch centerfold inspired by the movie The Wizard Of Oz. Each month features a grid for the days and lists major holidays.

AFA Ferret Color And Pattern Poster

AFA Ferret Color & Pattern PosterThe official American Ferret Association Color Pattern Chart poster illustrates the colors and patterns most commonly found in the domestic ferret. The poster measures 36 inches high by 24 inches wide.

Play ‘n’ Lounge Hanger™

Play N Lounge Hanger
This adjustable hammock hanger comes in blue or red and fits all small playpens that are 43 inches in diameter and have 8-panels. The hangers are made from very strong but lightweight, tubular aluminum and have a weight limit of 20 pounds+. The hangers assemble and disassemble in seconds for easy travel and storage. A hanging chain and four adjustable hooks are included to hang your pet’s favorite hammock.


Expressions Of Mary brings you this unique game that is set up like the traditional Monopoly game, but it has a ferret twist. As players round the board, they encounter properties like Dooking Drive, Albino Alley, Tube Trail and a Vet space instead of the traditional jail. A $5 donation to a local ferret rescue is made for every game sold.

Ferret Sayings On Vinyl Decals

Ferret Saying Vinyl Decals
Jackie DeCarlo offers this and many other humorous sayings on decals measuring 3 by 9 inch, seven-year vinyl. You can also request customized sayings. It is not a bumper sticker. Display how much you love ferrets. Cost is $4, with free shipping to addresses in the United States.

Little Feet Ferret Retreat Bedding

Little Feet Ferret Retreat Bedding
Rose German of Little Feet Ferret Retreat makes and sells premium-quality, handcrafted, affordable ferret bedding. Designs include multi-piece sets and shelf, ramp and floor covers for Ferret Nation cages, sleeper hanging beds, Cuddler Cubes, Snuggly Sacks, hammocks, pocket hammocks, round beds, jingle toys, and the one and only, original Hidey Hole Sleeper Cube, Hidey Hole Hammock and Cozy Cabin.

Customized playmats also available. Most items can be made in cotton or fleece exterior with fleece, cotton or soft Sherpa interior. All have double-stitched seams for strength, durability and long lasting usage, and are machine washable/tumble dry. Proceeds benefit ferrets at the shelter and bedding is donated to other ferret-specific causes.

SlippyPad Ferret Potty Pads

SlippyPad Ferret Potty Pads
SlippyPads are highly absorbent corner pads that trap liquids and odors. The waterproof backing protects walls, floors and cages. The pads are great gift for ferret owners; perfect for anyone with an old or sick ferret having trouble making it into a litter box. Our sample pack of five SlippyPads and four square SlippyMats retails for $5.80.

Ferret Tower Of Fun

Ferret Tower Of Fun
Why not add excitement to your ferret’s world? Cindy and Tom Scheidt bring you this 3 foot high tower made from 25 feet of tubing that provides an excellent source of exercise, fun and mental stimulation. Its sturdy aluminum base keeps the tower upright no matter how many weasels are in it. The tower fits easily into any play area.

Original Watercolor “Play Time”

Original Watercolor Play Time
This 8- by 10-inch watercolor by artist Dawn Lindner comes on a gold, ready-to-frame 11- by 14-inch acid-free mat. The colors are chocolate browns and tawny tans, with a hint of pink on the ears and nose. “Play Time” captures the moment before running off and playing. Retail price is $25
E-mail: reddawn123@yahoo.com


Marshall Pet Products’ Ele-fun is an interactive toy that can provide hours of fun for your ferrets. This soft toy has a hanging bell toy inside and krackle material in the ears. Your ferrets will love to tunnel through the two openings. The Ele-fun can easily accommodate multiple ferrets and will keep them entertained and happy!

Ferret Affair’s Fuzzy Floor

Ferret Affair Fuzzy Floor
Litter boxes, ladders, food and water bowls take up most of the cage floor leaving no room for fun! The Fuzzy Floor creates a whole new level of safe play space. Each Fuzzy Floor installed increases usable cage space by 100 percent. The Fuzzy Floor is custom-made in durable denim with safe, comfy insides for most cage types. Prices vary with cage and floor type.

Ferret Tracks Pendant With Birthstone

Ferret Tracks Pendant With Birthstone
The sterling silver Ferret Tracks pendant by Puppy Paws is now available with birthstone colors. A Swarovski crystal can be added to represent the birth month of the ferret. The pendant is engravable, comes with an 18-inch, sterling silver necklace and is approximately 1/8 inch thick by 1/2 inch wide by 3/4 inch high. Free engraving is available for one name on the back of the pendant. For people who don’t know their ferret’s birth month, we recommend using the month the ferret came home with them as a “rebirth” month. Cost is $34.99.

The Totally Ferret “Gift Bowl”

Totally Ferret Gift Bowl
Totally Ferret’s Gift Bowl includes one ”I love my Totally Ferret” bowl that is 6 inches in diameter and 2 inches tall; one 1.5-ounce package of Totally Ferret Treats; one 2.5-ounce package of Dooker Delights Treats; and one 2-ounce bottle of Vivify supplement. The cost is $30 (shipping not included). Although it doesn’t come gift wrapped, a gift message can be included in the box if you wish. This offer is available until January 5, 2009.

2009 Ferrets Calendar

Ferrets 2009 CalendarFerrets 2009 Calendar
This 12-month wall calendar features 13 beautifully reproduced ferret images printed on high-gloss quality art paper. A grid for each month features a block for each day, with the phases of the moon and holidays noted.

490 Corner Ferret Cage

490 Corner Ferret Cage
Prevue Pet Products Inc. introduces the #490 Corner Ferret Cage that measures 39 inches long by 27 inches deep by 45 inches high (63 inches high on stand). The cage has 1-inch wire spacing and features two large front doors for easy access to pets, as well as a removable bottom grille and tray for easy cleaning. Four ramps and platforms are included with the cage, giving pets plenty of room to jump, climb and play. The cage sits on a rolling caster base and also includes a bottom shelf for storing extra food, treats and supplies. The cage is available in a black powder-coated finish.

Weaselpal Hammocks And Sleepsacks

Weaselpals Hammocks And Sleepsacks
Comfy hammocks and sleepsacks are made with all-new materials including fleece, flannel, sherpa and quilted material. Each is approximately 16 by 16 inches. Cost is $12.

Ferret Irish Coffee Mugs

Ferret Irish Coffee Mugs
Set of two clear, tempered glass mugs, each with a different etched ferret face from artwork by Shelter Mom Alicia. Can be used for hot and cold beverages. The mugs are dishwasher-safe and microwave-safe. Great for filling with treats or including in gift baskets for holiday gifting! The cost is $19.95, plus shipping via USPS Priority mail.

A Weasel In Da Box!

Weasel In Da Box by Deva
This unique gift is made from a new Jack-In-The-Box that has had Jack removed and a ferret put in its place. This new music box was redesigned by artist Deva and is available as a sable, albino or black-footed ferret. The sides and top feature different ferret drawings by Deva. This is a special order and is very limited. It plays Pop Goes The Weasel, and the box is 6 inches high, 5 inches wide and 5 inches deep. The cost is $45.

Pingford’s Porridge

Pingford's Porridge
Pingford’s Porridge is a high-fat, high-protein ferret food that promotes a healthy, active ferret. Two formulas are available, and the ingredients include fresh and natural chicken thighs, turkey legs, beef liver, suet, tongue and heart, whole eggs, elk and bison. No fillers or supplements are added. Original formula: crude fat min 42 percent; crude fiber maximum 2 percent; crude protein minimum 40 percent; moisture maximum 3 percent. Red formula: crude fat minimum 42 percent; crude fiber maximum 2 percent; crude protein minimum 43 percent; moisture maximum 3 percent.

Hide Away Sleep Cabinet

Hide Away Sleep CabinetHide Away Sleep Cabinet interior
The Hide Away Sleep Cabinet is 49 inches high by 24 inches wide by 12 inches deep. An access hole to the inside is on the bottom shelf where ferrets can slip under the cabinet to get in. Three shelves inside all have ramps to provide easy access to every level. The shelves are 10 inches apart from each other, allowing plenty of room to put a round bed and a blanket on each of the levels for ferrets’ afternoon naps. The door features a ferret cut out that has a decorative screen behind it to provide ventilation and keep the ferrets from tumbling out. The top area of the cabinet is a separate cubby for storing clean bedding or other ferret accessories. Cost is $150, plus shipping.

Ferret Holiday Cards

Ferret Holiday Cards
This set of cards from the American Ferret Association features four different designs, with three of each per set. Cost is $24 per set.

Ferret Figurines

Ferret Figurines by Eleanor Mead
Eleanor Mead creates handmade, hand-crafted ferret figurines made with a true love for the ferret, as you can see in the detail and faces. Each figurine is one of a kind. Custom requests are welcome, and almost anything can be made from a photo or description. Figurines include ferrets as angels or devils, ferrets in human settings, bride and groom, holiday figurines, custom figurines, pens, business card holders and more. Prices start at $11.99 for pens and can be seen on ebay under seller minkey98.

Hold Me, Mommy! Carry Bag

Hold Me, Mommy! Carry Bag
Do you have a ferret that wants to be near you all the time? Perhaps it’s needy, perhaps it’s ill or maybe it’s just spoiled? Ferrets Are Love offers this carry bag as a solution. The “Hold Me, Mommy!” carry bag is made of two layers of warm cuddly fleece on an ample, secure, sturdy strap. It has a small screen window so the ferret can see out and you can see in. A firm closure prevents the ferret from wiggling its way out. The carry bag is fully washable and dryable (wash inside-out for best results). Cost is $18.50, and the carry bag is available in many assorted colorful patterns.

Etched Crystal Pendant

Etched Crystal Pendant
This pendant by Jackie DeCarlo looks great hanging from your car rear view mirror or hanging in your window (suction grip included). A ferret silhouette is etched into the center of the pendant,and sunlight enhances the glimmering colors. The cost is $7, with free shipping to addresses in the United States.

The FerretFly

The FerretFlyFerretFly shirt
Digital By Joe & Suzy present the internationally famous FerretFly. This custom design can be either placed on a T-shirt or sweatshirt, or made into a vinyl decal for any window. The decals are 8 inches wide and come in a variety of colors priced at $8 each. T-shirts are $15 for S-M-L-XL. 2XL – 4XL and are an additional $2. Priority Shipping is $5. Large quantities available. We also make custom-engraved cage and playpen signs, vinyl signs and 2 1/2 and 3 inch photo badges. Heat transfer photo T-Shirts are also available using either a stock ferret photo or personalized with your pet on the shirt or sweatshirt. We specialize in custom-made shirts, signs, badges and engraving. Contact us for details.

AFA Logo Heavy Knit Polo Shirt

AFA Logo Heavy Knit Polo Shirt
The American Ferret Association offers blue or white polo shirts in size large or extra large that feature the AFA logo. Cost is $36. Sizes run large.

Minky Super Snuggler

Minky Super Snuggler
Grape Tail Ferret Rescue offers the Minky Super Snuggler. This bowl-style hammock is available in a variety of colors. The hammocks have been tested with the weight of seven ferrets. The cost is $15 each, plus $3 each s/h in the continental United States. Will ship to Canada for additional charge.

Healing Stones Bracelet With Ferret Charm

Healing Stones Bracelet With Ferret Charm
Jackie DeCarlo combines five different healing stones and a pewter ferret charm to create this bracelet. It measures 7 to 7 1/2 inches, with a 1-inch extension and comes in a box with a note explaining the stones’ meanings. Cost is $15, plus shipping and handling.

AFA Denim Cap

AFA Denim Cap
The American Ferret Association offers this denim cap emblazoned with the AFA logo. Size is adjustable. Cost is $21.

Educational Ferret Activity & Coloring Book

Totally Ferret Activity And Coloring Book
Totally Ferret’s new Educational Ferret Activity and Coloring book for adult and children ages 7 and up includes 70 pages of games, coloring pages and care tips to enjoy. Games include Find The Ferret, word searches, mazes,connect the dots and a crossword puzzle. Artwork is be Deva. Be sure to hang your artwork low on the fridge so your ferrets can enjoy it!

Cornell University Ferret Anatomy Poster

Cornell Ferret Anatomy Poster
The American Ferret Association offers this Cornell University poster that features a detailed, color drawing of the anatomy of the domestic ferret. It measures 19 inches high by 25 inches wide. Cost is $19.

2009 Ferrets Of The FML Calendar

Ferrets of the FML calendar
This 13-month wall calendar features more than 60 contest-winning photos of ferrets that were submitted by members of the Ferret Mailing List. Proceeds benefit Support Our Shelters, a nonprofit organization that aids ferret shelters nationwide. Each month features one main photo along with a few smaller photos. Each day has its own block large enough to write your notes in. Major holidays are noted. The cost is $10.50 each, plus $2 shipping for the first calendar and .50 shipping for each additional calendar ordered.

Support Our Shelters Shelter Patch

SOS Shelter Patch
This is a patch for ferret shelters and supporters to show their love of ferrets. The patch features Tess, a ferret whose photo was entered in the Ferrets of the FML Calendar photo contest. The patch measures 3.5 inches around, is 100 percent embroidered, iron- or sew-on and washable. The cost is $5 each per patch including postage for any number. Buy one for yourself and your favorite shelter mom or dad, and help SOS support ferret shelters.

Prairie Wildlife Research Products

Show your support for saving black-footed ferrets by purchasing one or more of the many products available through the Prairie Wildlife Research Cafe Press website. Choose from a mousepad, tiles, totes, long- or short-sleeved T-shirts, mugs, boxes, magnets and more. Prices range from $5 to $45, depending on the item. To learn more about efforts to save the black-footed ferret or to adopt one in the wild, visit the Prairie Wildlife Research website.

Ferret Frenzy 2009 Wall Calendar

Ferret Frenzy 2009 back coverFerret Frenzy 2009 cover
The ferrets at Zebra Publishing are off on a year-long vacation for 2009. Scuba diving, rock climbing, sky diving … there is no holding them back! This 12 by 12 inch calendar features full color images and a spacious grid. The suggested retail price is $13.99. Ferret Frenzy supports the Ferret Aid Society, www.ferretaid.org.
www.zebrapublishing.com or www.calendars.com

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