Ferrets Flip The Litter Box

What can stop ferrets from digging in and flipping their litter box?

Q: I have a question about my two ferrets. In their cage they have a litter box that snaps onto the cage that both of the ferrets use. I clean it regularly, and I let the ferrets out to play every day. In many of the books I have read they say that ferrets will stay out/away from their poo, but mine don’t. They tend to nosedive into the litter in the litter box when I clean it out. Then later they dig at the underside of the litter box until it is unhooked from the cage. Once they do that, they flip it over and then there is poo all over the cage that I have to clean up. The books suggested grabbing the ferret by the scruff and telling it “No!” I tried that, but it does not stop the ferrets from digging the litter box and turning it over. What do you suggest to stop this unwanted behavior and the mess it makes?

A: Ferrets like to dig and seem to love to play in fresh litter. This is pretty common. You should always stay away from punishing them unless you catch them in the act and can offer them something else to do that you prefer. I suggest more firmly attaching the litter box in the cage so that they can’t get under it to dig. I also suggest giving them a digging pit in which they can dig to their heart’s content. Try filling a tub with children’s play sand for this.

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