Ferrets Around The World

Take a tour of the globe to read about ferrets in other countries.

Popularity among ferrets has grown dramatically in recent yearsAn explosion in the popularity of ferrets as companions has been occurring around the world for decades. Adding to the furor is a network of support easily obtained through the Internet. Information about ferrets is at our fingertips, along with the friendships of other ferret enthusiasts. Ferret fanciers will no doubt continue to turn up in virtually every corner of the globe as word gets out about these marvelous pets.   

A Ferret Timeline
Italy and Greece have perhaps the longest history with ferrets. It is thought that ferrets were domesticated in Greece, where they are still kept as pets today. 

Ferrets were first mentioned in Italy around 60 BC, when Caesar Augustus of the Roman Empire received a request to sail several ferrets to the Balearic Islands in order to control the rabbit population. Ferret fanciers of one kind or another have been there ever since.

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