Ferrets And Worms

Do ferrets get worms?

Q: I just noticed white things in my ferret’s poop in her cage. Are these things worms?
A: Yes, ferrets can get intestinal worms just like dogs and cats. What you see could be evidence of worms. If your ferret has worms, they could be one of a few different types.

Bring a sample of the worms, a sample of your ferret’s bowel movements and your ferret to the veterinarian so he or she can determine what species of worms these may be. It’s important to know the species of worm because different species require different types of medication to eliminate them.

Also, depending on the time of year, where your ferret is kept and how often you clean, these may not be worms but fly larva that have “hatched” in the feces and appear to be worms.

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