Ferrets And Feelings

Is it possible for ferrets to have feelings?

Q: Do ferrets have feelings?

A: There is a scientific reply and a personal reply to this question. Science has certainly shown us that animals feel pain, pleasure and a few other “tangible” emotions, but that is about it.

Do ferrets feel sadness, loss, anger and other emotions? I believe they possibly might, but I don’t think they dwell on these “feelings” like we do. I imagine that the less domesticated animals experience feelings in a way that we do. Feelings don’t really play a role in the wild, however; for example, anger doesn’t help an individual hunt, eat or reproduce.

Most behaviors, like aggression, have a purpose. The purpose may be to win over a female or to scare a competing male away. For animals, most feelings exist to aid survival. Humans seem to be a species that has the time and the desire to “get lost in feelings.” I hope this answered your question.

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