Ferrets And Dachshunds

Can dogs and ferrets play together safely?

Q: Do dogs (dachshunds) and ferrets play nice together, or will they be nice to each other if they’re alone in the house?

A: Dogs and ferrets can play nice together, but it depends on the dog and the ferret. Dogs and ferrets should never be left along together. All playtime must be strictly supervised, because either pet could hurt the other.

If you would like them to play together, it can only be when someone is available to watch them both while they are out together. This means no time unsupervised, even a quick trip into the kitchen for a snack.

Some dogs have great personalities around smaller animals, but others might see the ferret as prey. Also, the ferret may be fine with the dog or it may antagonize the dog or try to play inappropriately.

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