Ferrets And College Life

Is a ferret a good pet for someone in a college dorm?

Q: I’m hoping to find out if a ferret would be the right pet for me. I am considering a pet-friendly college, and I would really like a furry pet to have as company while I’m there. I’ll probably be in class five or six hours a day, but I’ll be in my dorm most other times. There will also be other pet owners in my dorm, some with ferrets, so I’m sure it would have playmates. I’ve heard that ferrets are very fun and active animals. My only concern is studying abroad, but I’d probably be able to bring it with me or have my aunt (who has lots of experience with ferrets) watch it. What do you think about me getting a ferret?
A: Ferrets are time-consuming, expensive and messy, which doesn’t make them the best first pets. I am not sure about the college situation, but veterinary bills can be really expensive for a ferret (annual vaccinations, exotic vet care, possible surgery/medications). Ferrets are also not great at using a litter box, which could influence deposits, etc. in an apartment or dorm.

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